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What Is A Home Walk-Through Consultation

The real estate market has been incredibly competitive in the last few years. To make their purchase offer more attractive, home buyers are forgoing their rights to a home inspection. I don’t advocate doing this, and most real estate agents don’t like doing this either. Unfortunately, the market has forced these compromises in many states. To help buyers and sellers, I am offering a Walk-Through Home Consultation.

A Home Walk-Through Consultation (also Known as a Walk & Talk) is not a home inspection. It is simply an on-site consultation by a professional. This service is to help answer some questions the buyers and sellers may have about the home’s condition.


The Walk-Through Home Consultation is limited to as long as the showing is scheduled for but no more than 1 hour and takes place with the real estate agent and client present during a showing. Showings are usually scheduled for 15 or 30 minutes.

There Is No Report

There will be no report with this inspection. It is up to the clients or the agent to take notes during the walk-through. However, I will be taking pictures just for reference. They will not be in any type of report.

What's Covered

In this short amount of time, I will be visually inspecting the exterior, interior, and basement areas if time allows. The roof will be inspected but only from the ground if visible.

What's Not Covered

The attic and crawl spaces (if equipped) will not be inspected. The electrical panel cover will not be removed, and appliances will not be tested.

Price & Payment

$125 for the first home, $75 for each subsequent home, provided these showings are scheduled back-to-back and the distance from one house to the next is less than 10 miles.

Payment can be made by either the client or the agent.


Schedule an inspection on my website at the link below. Also, if you are scheduling multiple showings, call me at 715-919-8054.

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