MoldSafe: MCR Home Inspections’ Industry-First Mold Protection Warranty

MCR Home Inspections has recently introduced a groundbreaking new service. MoldSafe is offered exclusively and at no extra charge with your standard home inspection service. In addition, MoldSafe is the first-of-its-kind mold protection warranty. It covers up to $2000 for remediation costs associated with any new visible mold not present during the inspection due to furniture, store items, boxes, clutter, pictures, or any other obstructions that restrict access to certain home areas.

The Problem with Limited Visibility During Home Inspections

Limited visibility during home inspections is a common obstacle that can lead to undiscoverable mold. This can pose a significant health hazard to homeowners. However, MCR Home Inspections’ MoldSafe aims to solve this problem by offering coverage for any new visible mold that was not present during the inspection but becomes visible once stored items are removed. This means homeowners can rest easy knowing that any mold discovered after the inspection will be covered by up to $2000 for remediation costs.

Why Mold is a Serious Health Concern for Homeowners

Mold is a growing concern for homeowners, particularly informed homebuyers who want to ensure the safety of their families. Mold can grow on virtually any substance as long as moisture is present. As a result, mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints. For this reason, it’s critical to address the issue as soon as it is discovered.

MCR Home Inspections’ Commitment to Mold Detection and Prevention

MCR Home Inspections recognizes the importance of mold detection and provides a visual inspection of accessible areas in the home to ensure that any mold is identified and dealt with before it becomes a health hazard. With the added benefit of MoldSafe, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing they are protected against any new visible mold that may have been missed during the inspection.

Final Thoughts on MoldSafe

MCR Home Inspections’ MoldSafe is an invaluable service that provides homeowners with peace of mind and protection against any new visible mold that may arise after the inspection. Mold is a serious health hazard that should be addressed as soon as it is discovered. In addition, MoldSafe assures homeowners that they will be covered up to $2000 for remediation costs. So if you’re in the market for a home inspection, consider MCR Home Inspections and their industry-first MoldSafe service to protect your investment and your family’s health.

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