Home Walk-Through Consultation

In recent years, the real estate market has become highly competitive. Many home buyers are waiving their rights to a formal home inspection to make their purchase offers more appealing. While this practice is not recommended and is generally not favored by real estate agents, the intense market conditions have led to compromises in various states nationwide.
To assist buyers and sellers in navigating this challenging landscape, I am offering a specialized service known as a Walk-Through Home Consultation, commonly called a “Walk & Talk.” It’s important to note that this service differs from a comprehensive home inspection. Instead, it entails an on-site consultation conducted by a professional to address specific questions that buyers and sellers may have regarding the home’s condition.
The Walk-Through Home Consultation is designed to provide valuable insights without the formalities of a complete inspection. While it does not replace the thorough examination performed during a standard home inspection, it is a practical option in situations where the market’s competitive nature may necessitate swift decision-making.
This service aims to empower both buyers and sellers by offering a more immediate understanding of the property’s condition, enabling informed choices within the constraints of the current real estate environment.

home Walkthrough Consultation Handbook: Your In-Depth Guide

Duration: 30 minutes

The Walkthrough Consultation involves the presence of both the real estate agent and the client during a showing, typically scheduled for 15 to 30 minutes – the maximum allotted time for a swift walkthrough.

Reporting: No formal report is generated. Clients are encouraged to take notes during the consultation as we do not produce any documentation.

Tools: Our sole tool is a flashlight. As this isn’t a comprehensive home inspection, we refrain from using ladders, inspecting attics, or accessing electrical panels. We distinguish clearly between a walkthrough and a detailed inspection to ensure a smooth process without causing concern for home sellers.

Timing: We accommodate requests on short notice to the best of our ability.

Coverage: Despite the time constraints, we strive to cover as much of the home as possible. Specific client concerns are addressed within reasonable limits and time constraints. Refer to our interior and exterior home inspection checklists for a detailed understanding.

Coordination: Our office and the buyer’s agent coordinate the process. While we accompany the real estate agent and the home buyer during the showing, we do not initiate the showing. The buyer’s agent informs the seller’s agent of our presence, emphasizing our role as observers during the showing.

Home Inspection Standards: It’s important to note that a Walkthrough Consultation is distinct from a home inspection. We often emphasize adherence to standards, such as those outlined by the InterNACHI Standards of Practice, during inspections. However, a Walkthrough Consultation is not covered by any organization’s home inspection standards of practice. It serves as an on-site consultation, providing insights into known and unknown aspects without the comprehensive nature of a formal home inspection.

  • Walk-Through Home Consultation $175.00

    Payment can be made by either the client or the agent. Mileage fees may apply

  • Each Subsequent Home $100.00

    Provided these showings are scheduled back-to-back and the distance from one house to the next is less than 10 miles.