A Pre-Listing Home Inspection puts you ahead of the competition, potential buyers, and any surprises your house may have. By inspecting your home before listing it for sale or uploading it to the MLS, you gain valuable information about your property’s condition and maintain control of the selling process. Selling a house can be stressful, and concerns about undiscovered issues may arise. With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection, you can address potential problems before buyers and their opinions become factors.

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What is a pre-listing home inspection?

A pre-listing home inspection is an evaluation of a property’s condition that is conducted before the homeowner puts the property on the market for sale. In contrast to a buyer’s home inspection, which occurs after an offer is made and accepted, the current homeowner initiates a pre-listing inspection as part of the preparation for selling the property.
The primary purpose of a pre-listing home inspection is to identify any potential issues or defects in the home that might affect its market value or lead to complications during the selling process. By addressing these issues proactively, sellers can make informed decisions about repairs and improvements, potentially increasing the appeal of their property to potential buyers. This transparency can also help set a realistic asking price and reduce the likelihood of negotiations falling apart due to unexpected problems discovered later in the process.

What's Inspected?

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We’re proud to offer a free RecallChek warranty on all our inspections. Your clients can feel safe knowing if any appliances have been recalled, they’ll get a comprehensive report!

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If we miss anything on the inspection, your client can feel safe knowing that through InterNACHI, we guarantee to buy your home back.

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